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Other Financial Aid Options


  • Hour-long webinar with local university financial-aid counselor, hosted by South each October
  • Review of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and other financial-aid information followed by Q & A session. Important for juniors and seniors.
  • Still have financial-aid questions? Feel free to contact Lori Sauter at South’s college and career center (, 541-790-8052).
  • SEHS Financial Aid Night 11/2/23. Passcode: =73C?=QE^ (Feedback echo in recording ends after just over one minute.)






Parent flow chart for FAFSA








Scholarship Search Platforms

  • If you need a recommendation from a counselor for your application, please fill out this form. And please give at least two weeks' notice (preferably four weeks!) for requesting any letters of recommendation.


fastweb! logo Cappex logo UNIGO logo bigfuture logo

Best for most students


Hands down the most impressive search site we encountered.

Best Database


Great for students who want to be able to apply for — and track the status of — a large number of scholarships.

Best search
Strong search features put Unigo in third place and elevated it far above the remaining contenders we considered.
Best Resources
Big Future
Underwhelming for scholarship searches, but a treasure trove of other valuable features.
Start search Start search Start search Start search



Graphic of Financial Aid optionsOTHER RECOMMENDED






Regardless of the search platform you choose, the author of "A Comprehensive Review of the Leading Scholarship Search Services," shares a conclusion about the search platforms they reviewed that can be generalized to many of the scholarship searches available to students. They say that, "not any one of them is able to give a complete and concise scholarship list and results lists differ widely. There are anomalies, mismatched data, and their systems are human-driven, which means there could be outdated and inaccurate information. The scholarship data itself is categorized completely differently from one to the other, and in almost all of them, it’s clear that advertisers figure prominently. Users may maximize the scholarship data and subscribe to more than one. A new email account specifically for use during college and scholarship searches would effectively keep spam and junk out of a personal email account."