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Naviance and CIS Computer Programs

Computer character clip artCIS (Oregon Career Information System)

CIS is a helpful, Oregon-based program used by South students while completing their yearly Career-Related Learning (CRL) Projects.  It contains exploration tools and databases about work, education/training, and financial aid.

All students will create a CIS account while completing their Freshman Projects in the career center, and once they have an account, they will be able to use their own username and password to access and save information to their CIS portfolios. SEHS parents can obtain a guest username and password by contacting the career center: 541-790-8011/

Naviance Student

Naviance is another online college and career resource frequently used by students at South. South students use Naviance during their sophomore and junior years to set goals, assess their strengths, explore career options, and search for colleges and training programs while completing their CRL Projects. As seniors, they manage their college application process while their counselors and teachers keep records and submit school forms and letters of recommendation through Naviance.

Students create an account during middle school if they attend within the 4J School District. Otherwise, they’ll create their account during College and Career Readiness Day in October. Parents can obtain an access code from the career center to enable them to view their student’s Naviance account. Guests can view the site using the guest password, axe400. SEHS parents can obtain a pretend-student username and password by contacting the career center: 541-790-8011/

Naviance Resources:

Roadtrip Nation logo
  • Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive features over 3,500 video interviews with individuals who have forged through challenges to accomplish unique goals. These leaders candidly discuss hardships, successes and the obstacles they overcame. Students gain exposure to career pathways they may not have known existed, and can begin thinking about colleges, majors, and career goals that reflect their unique talents and aspirations.
  • Colleges I’m Thinking About – allows students to keep a list of colleges they may be interested in.  This list is used to contact students when events relating to their colleges are taking place.
  • SuperMatch College Search – shows what colleges match a student’s areas of interest.
  • Scattergrams – are graphs showing where SEHS students were accepted/denied based on GPA and test scores.
  • College Acceptance History – shows acceptance and enrollment history for South students for the last 10 yrs.
  • College Visits – allows students to track when college reps are visiting South to meet with interested students.