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Club Sports (Non-OSAA)

Club Sports (Non-OSAA)

Below is a list of community-based club sports & activities that use the South name in their program titles.

What is the difference between an OSAA sport and a club sport in 4J?

There are certain traditional sports and activities (like soccer, basketball, and baseball) that are governed by the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA).   For OSAA sports, participating schools are responsible for meeting all of the OSAA conditions for participation in those sports, including hiring coaches, securing space for practices and competitions, providing certified officials for competitions, etc.  For information on South’s OSAA sports, please visit the SEHS Athletics webpage.

Some students participate in a sport or activity that is not currently governed by OSAA.  This could include sports/activities like lacrosse, ultimate, and rowing.  4J has allowed certain sports and activities programs to carry the name of the affiliated high school as part of their club sport/activity group name.

It is important to note that club sports & activities are not sponsored by the school, and that they operate independently from the school and from 4J.  They receive no funding, services, or supervision from 4J.  Club sports/activities hire their own coaches and staff, and are responsible for funding their club activities.  The use of South’s facility for practices and games is contingent upon the availability of those spaces, and OSAA sports have priority for facility use during their season. 

These club sports/activities must submit an application and release annually to the building principal at the school in which they wish to be recognized, and must agree to the following conditions prior to receiving approval to bear the school’s name:

  • All students will have access to participate regardless of national origin, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or financial ability. 
  • All parents of students participating in the club sport/activity have signed a statement acknowledging that the club sport/activity is an organization independent from and receives no funding, in-kind services, or supervision from the Eugene School District 4J. 
  • The club sport/activity must carry its own liability insurance for its participants.