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Navigating South: Opportunities at Our School

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You’ll find links below to opportunities at South and in the community. If you’d like to discuss these topics, feel free to contact me, Lori Sauter (, to set up a visit, or you can schedule an appointment with your counselor here.

Student Volunteering at South:

  • Community Service at South: Ever wonder who is expected to complete community-service at South? Or what the specific requirements are? Or why bother? It’s all here!
  • Community Service at South (graph): And here it is again in an easy-to-understand graph.
  • National Honor Society: Applications to apply for NHS will be available to this year’s sophomores and juniors, beginning in March, 2023. Students may contact Barb Keyworth, NHS advisor (, with questions. Minimum qualifications include junior or senior standing in the 2023-24 school year and a cumulative grade point average of 3.6 or higher.
  • 4J Honors RecognitionSeniors can apply to graduate with a 4J Honors Recognition. This designation on your diploma requires a GPA of 3.5 or higher and 120 hours of volunteering during high school.
  • CAS (Creativity-Activity-Service) HoursUse the linked CAS Student Handbook to find information about these IHS graduation requirements.
  • Classic South: Community service is not required for graduation from SEHS. However, students completing the Senior Experience might do so by participating in community service, among other activities.

Earning College Credit in High School:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses and College: Learn more about why college-bound students often take AP courses.
  • AP Courses at South: Curriculum Guide 2022-2023, page 17
  • AP College Credit at the U of O: Take a look at how one local university awards specific college credits to students with qualifying AP exam scores.
  • College Now Courses at South: These are dual-credit courses offered at South that are worth high-school credit and credit from Lane Community College at the same time. An example of course offerings is linked. Course availability may change.
  • College Now Questions: Kathy Ruggles is the SEHS staff member specializing in College Now. Contact her at 541-790-8012 or with your questions.
  • International Baccalaureate Courses for IHS students: Use the linked IB Parent/Student Handbook to find information about earning college credit with qualifying IB exam scores.
  • IB College Credit at the U of O: Take a look at how one local university awards specific college credits to students with qualifying IB exam scores.
  • Duck LinkThe U of O and Eugene School District 4J offer the Duck Link program to students who have exhausted all coursework offered at South in a particular subject area. Duck Link allows South students to take courses tuition free (but not fee free) at the university. Please discuss your interest in this program with SEHS counseling secretary, Leann Hollenbeak (

Studying Abroad in High School:

  • It is very important that students planning to study abroad work with their counselor to plan for a course schedule, a way to meet Personalized Learning requirements, and a way to meet Essential Skills requirements that will allow for graduation.
  • Study Abroad Questions: Lori Sauter is the SEHS staff member specializing in studying abroad, gap years, and other travel options. Contact her at 541-790-8052 or with your questions.
  • SEHS Study Abroad/Gap Year Travel page: Resources for student travelers including a list of travel programs of all types.
  • International Travel worksheetUse this worksheet to explore some recommended travel programs. It also shares criteria to consider when you’re exploring a possible travel program.

Senior Projects Required for Graduation:

  • Oregon high-school graduates must meet the statewide Extended Application graduation requirement. South students may meet it by completing either a CTE Project, a CAM (IOP) Project, a Senior Experience, or an IHS Extended Essay along with IHS Creativity-Activity-Service (CAS) Hours.
  • CTE Project : CTE (Career and Technical Education) projects give students the opportunity to take a prescribed series of hands-on courses in specific career areas such as the culinary arts, media arts, engineering technology, and more.
  • CAM Project: Like CTE projects, CAM (Career-Aligned Mastery) projects give students a chance to take hands-on courses with a specific focus. The CAM project at South focuses on outdoor leadership through the Integrated Outdoor Program. The IOP blends language arts and physical education through the common theme of interacting with the natural world.
  • Extended Essay and CAS (Creativity-Activity-Service) Hours: Use the linked IHS Handbook to find information about IHS graduation requirements.
  • Senior Experience: This project involves participating in one ore more experiences that help you plan for life after high school and presenting a poster of  information about the experience(s) to a small group of students. Typically, juniors are given additional information about the Senior Experience in April during the Rising Senior Meeting.

Job Hunts and Career Exploration:

  • Career Prep for SEHS Students: There are many fun ways to explore careers in the area through camps, workshops, classes, job shadows, and more!
  • Elevate, a branch of Connected Lane County, offers a wide variety of career-experience programs for students including job shadows, internships, mentorships, and more.
  • Elevate’s Calendar is also very worth checking out for career-exploration options.
  • Employment while attending South: Kathy Ruggles is the SEHS staff member specializing in work-study, work-experience, and job opportunities for South students. Contact her at 541-790-8012 or with your questions.

College Planning:

Athletics in College:

  • Kathy Ruggles is the SEHS staff member specializing in college-level athletics. Contact her at 541-790-8012 or to discuss the NCAA, the NAIA, or or other college-level athletics issues.